Motivate Yourself and Others with Your Own Quotes!

Whenever you check your Facebook feed, or you just casually browse online, there’s a good chance you will come across some motivational quotes. Truly, people derive great pleasure, pride, and strength when reading sentences uttered by the greats, like Gandhi, MLK, Churchill, Lincoln, and Cicero. We enjoy these quotes because they keep us afloat during hard times.

But what if we didn’t need these quotes? What if, instead, we focused our efforts and inspiration from our own potential? We could tell ourselves, our students, and our friends that things are going to turn out great and truly believe that. Here are a few tips on coming up with awesome quotes of your own, to inspire yourself and the people around you.

Pick a Theme

Are you a coach or a teacher? It is very important to pick a theme with which you are familiar. It could really be anything, from commenting on people’s behavior, to love, and even quantum physics, if that’s your cup of tea.

Pick a subject about which you are well informed. Cooks and athletes know a lot about nutrition, dancers, musicians, and painters are acquainted with art, and lawyers know all about turning the word of law into a tool. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t comment on things you are not an expert on.

Be Concise

Pay special attention not to turn your would-be quote into a paragraph, or an essay. The best messages are those that are easily remembered, that stick with people and make sense once they are heard. To fulfill this goal, you should aim towards packing in a lot of information or wisdom into one or two sentences.

Study Quotes by Other People

Analyze how the people have used quotes to convey their message to the public. Look at the language used, the metaphors, the length, and the meaning behind it. To get a better feel for writing quotes, you can start by rewriting other people’s quotes using your own words.

The Message

What is the message you are trying to send? Are you trying to warn people of danger, tell them not to give up when going gets tough, or are you simply stating a fact? Proper formatting can’t help you unless your quote is something that truly speaks to people on a relatable level.

The message of the quote should contain how you feel and what you perceive the world to be. Do not make a quote you yourself don’t believe in, as those same words you speak to others apply to you as well. Now, open a document and start typing your thoughts!


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