Super Bowl 2022: Was it Any good?

We like to see great surprises on Valentine’s day and sometimes, great matches. It is not always that we get to see matches on Valentine’s day and that they are also very important, or arguably, the most important for that league. 

Sports bettors love a good match, and when it correlates with a certain holiday, then things definitely become interesting. Then, they love turning to bonus offers, such as the Ulasan penuh ID afiliasi BK8!

The match was actually played on February 13, but everybody made the connection. It was a Super Bowl, the most important football match. Football is a popular sport and it comes as no surprise that every fan was excited for the final. What was the final like? Let us do a recap.

The Actual Match

There are always other things to talk about when discussing any final, let alone a Super Bowl. Finals tend to be anything but boring and this Super Bowl wasn’t different in that regard. The match was as close as you would expect from two very good, competitive teams, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The match was played at the Rams stadium, the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. The first two quarters of the match were very close, to the point where it could have been anybody’s game. The third quarter went in the way of the Bengals, and it wasn’t even a competition. The Rams won, and the fourth quarter was their one way street, at least if you look at the score.

It was not that simple and that is what made it a great match, though people will remember it for things other than football.

Celebrities at a Match

Every final, particularly in popular sports, attracts a celebrity or two, or sometimes, dozens of them. The visitors love seeing celebrities, seeing them doing normal things, like watching a game live.

This Super Bowl had a plethora of stars present, starting with Billie Jean King, who was there at the coin toss. Martha Stewart was there, Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Olivia Rodrigo, Guy Fieri, Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Prince Harry, and more. It was quite a crowd of celebrities, but given the stadium’s seat count, you would have never spotted them unless you were right next to them or they appeared on the big screen.

Some celebrities really enjoy football while for others, appearing at a final is a good way of advertising their brand, whether actively or passively.

Crypto and More Crypto

Cryptocurrency is all the jazz right now, in the sense that everybody is talking about it and people cannot get their hands on graphics cards due to all the shortages, or rather, the price increases because they were bought in bulk by scalpers.

Cryptocurrency commercials were dominating the breaks and half-time show, so spectators will remember seeing them. Crypto is an investment that many are looking into, including large companies who stand to make a profit out of them. 

The Super Bowl 2022 was one of the most entertaining events that we had in football. It was a close match, it had plenty of celebrities to stir up rumors and news and it showed us more crypto than many people wanted to see. All in all, it was a great match and show.

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