6 Ideas for the Stay-At-Home Date

It isn’t always possible to go out, watch a movie, have dinner and take a romantic walk, after doing something exotic and outdoorsy. There are times when our finances, jobs, kids and other daily obligations stand in the way of having a nice date outside. So, here are 6 ideas for your stay-at-home date!

1. Cook Together

There is something truly special in spending time together in the kitchen, dividing tasks and trying out the amazing recipe you found online or in a magazine. The actual dish is not important. What matters is that you rely on each other as a team during something fun. To be fair, some of us are not exactly top-notch when it comes to cooking (myself included), but that’s what makes it fun!

2. Play a Card Game

You can also play a board game or some crazy trivia, or visit uscasinobonuscode.com and see what it has to offer. The idea is that you relax and loosen up around each other. It might seem boring, but it’s perfect for spending some quiet time together. You are more than welcome to spice things up with some risqué bets.

3. Read to Each Other

One of the activities that promote intimacy and feeling safe is reading together. The reason behind is that it takes us back to a simpler time when we were kids and taken care of. We all enjoy cuddling up to our special someone and escaping the world. Bonus points to the one who does the voices better.

4. Take a Bath

It might lead somewhere, but it doesn’t have to. Remember that you are already familiar with each other’s body. If not, this is a chance to get to know each other better in this respect. However, this is not for everyone, nor for every bathroom – some tubs are small and cramped, so take that into account before suggesting this idea to your SO.

5. Paint

You can literally paint anything anywhere. You can both try to do each other’s portraits. You may try to create a funny drawing. One of the options is to paint on each other’s face, creating crazy color combinations. Just make sure you have some paint that is safe to be put on your skin.

6. Do a Project Together

Now, this might not seem like an idea for a date but hear me out. Suppose you live together, but need to fix/remodel/clear out some things. You can turn a boring chore into a fun challenge. It will strengthen the bond that you share, and it provides a good excuse to talk about the future. Though, we must urge you not to make this your end goal, as your partner might feel entrapped. Make sure you’re on the same page first.

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