Finding Inspiration on the Internet: Is it Easy?

We all have slumps from time to time. Sometimes, the slumps are due to us not working enough and ingesting terrible food, while at other times, we cannot really find that creative spark to finish a project or start a new one.

Inspiration is what people want when they fail to do anything creative in a while. Inspiration can be found in many places, outdoors, in nature, when talking to people or simply through random occurrences that might spark something in us.

What about the internet? Surely one would be able to find inspiration in an endless sea of it? It might or might not be the case.

The Internet Really Has Everything to Show Us

There is almost no limit to the things we can find on the internet. Inspiration might be the one that we cannot, but let us focus on the positive right now.

The internet is a gateway to the world, where we can watch videos of amazing artists, musicians, sculptors or any other person in a creative process, to become inspired. Still images can inspire us, quotes, texts, stories and poems, or even someone’s Twitter post. This is a great way to find inspiration, if it is really inspiration that we are lacking.

The Internet is a Pitfall of Indulgence

Sometimes, we just want to escape and give in to our indulgences. Watching clips on Instagram or YouTube can lead to hours and hours of our time that we cannot take back. The problem is not the time invested, but what happens to our brains when we invest into social media. 

It takes time to recover from that process of self-indulgence and it also takes effort and time spent away from the very thing that led us there. 

One might think that they are looking for inspiration, but if one is not paying attention to the clips that are playing on the screen, or at the photos that they are looking at, then the activity quickly becomes a doom scrolling one.

Sleep and Rest Are Better for Inspiration

When someone works too much, they tend to burn out their brain, in the sense that it cannot really focus on the task at hand. Whether that task is finding Waldo or composing a new musical masterpiece or finishing an old one, rest is necessary.

Time away from the type of work that got you in a dull state is a great way of coming back refreshed, likely with new ideas, and very possibly ones that might surprise you.

Sleep plays a huge factor in our lives. If we do not get enough sleep, we end up being tired and without the energy to do simple physical tasks, let alone complex mental tasks.

The internet might show us many things, including how to finish our projects and artistic masterpieces in the making. However, the internet might also show us how to spend half a day doing nothing but scrolling.

It depends on the person, but the internet may or may not be a great source of inspiration, as it is just a tool and the results depend on the user.

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