Biggest Sports Tournaments on the Planet

Do you have difficulty getting interested in sports? Don’t know where to begin? Maybe you’re just tired of your friends using words and names like BetYetu Coupon Code that mean nothing to you, and are looking to do a bit of research to connect with them. If any or all of the above apply to you, you’re in luck. Today’s lesson is about the biggest sports tournaments in the world. 

FIFA World Cup

This is something even people who are not soccer fans have heard of. Every four years, countries of the globe send their best players to represent them in the World Cup. Before they can compete, however, teams go through the qualifying phase that takes place over three years prior to the tournament. The 32 teams that qualify battle each other while the world is watching. The current champion of FIFA 2018 in Russia is France.

Rugby World Cup

Almost 800 million viewers tune in to watch people wailing on each other while they are running with the ball around the pitch. Imagine American Football, but without the protective gear. Brutal, isn’t it? The event, like most world cups and big sporting events, is held once every four years.

Cricket World Cup

I know what you’re thinking: Who, besides England, plays cricket, anyway? Well, strap yourself in, because cricket is a huge sport in the former British colonies, mostly in India. Back in 2015, the Cricket World Cup tournament amassed 1 billion viewers who came together to watch India defeat Pakistan. That’s almost 13% of the world’s population!

The Grand Slam

Tennis fans will recognize this. The Grand Slam tournaments are the biggest four tournaments in the world of tennis. Accomplishing a grand slam means winning all of its four tournaments. They are:

  1.    The Australian Open
  2.    The French Open
  3.    Wimbledon
  4.    The US Open

The Australian Open

The tournament is held in Melbourne, Australia, during the last two weeks of January. It was first held in 1905 and, since then, has become an annual event. In 2018, 743,667 people attended it.

The French Open

This tournament is also known as Roland-Garros. It is held between May and June. What separates the French Open from the other Grand Slam tourneys is that it is the only one played on clay.


While Roland-Garros is played on clay, Wimbledon is played on grass. It’s held merely a month after the French Open, in July. The traditional food consumed by the audience is strawberries and cream.

US Open

US Open should definitely be on your list of sporting events to watch. This is the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament that starts on the last Monday in August. Like the Australian Open, it’s played on hard court and it is the culmination of Grand Slam.

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