Athletes Who Are Great Role Models for Children

Children are brought up by their parents who are the first and the most important role models in their lives. A role model is a person that we look up to, and whose actions and behavior we tend to imitate. However, children are prone to finding other adults that they see as their role models while they are growing up. And in most cases, these role models are professional athletes. 

Even for adults, some athletes have been such an important part of their childhood that they continue to honor them even later on in life. Some do it when they get code » and place a wager on that athlete. Others support different foundations and have a daily exercise routine, just like their favorite athlete used to do it. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best athletes that would make perfect role models for any child across the globe.

Peyton Manning

MDSanker at the English-language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The former quarterback star of NFL Peyton Meaning has been awarded a couple of MVPs and a Lombardi Trophy. One of the most admirable stories that include Peyton Manning is the one where he turned down over a million-dollar raise per year, because, in his own opinion, he didn’t deserve that money. As far as his charitable work goes, Peyton gave more than six million dollars to children.

Moreover, he’d done so much for a children’s hospital in Indianapolis that it now bears his name.

But Manning’s kindness doesn’t begin and end with charity and donations. People who watched him play could see a competitive persona who turns into a really nice guy once the game is over. 

Tim Duncan

At the time when Tim Duncan joined San Antonio Spurs, that team hadn’t been known for some incredible accomplishments nor did it set apart from other “regular” NBA teams. No one could have taught that while Kobe Brayan and Shaquille O’Neal played for the LA Laker, Spurs could take the championship. But they did, and all with the amazing leadership of Tim Duncan. During his career, Duncan managed to add as many as five championships to his biography, becoming one of the most decorated players of the NBA. He was also known to be a supportive team member, who would cheer other players even when he himself was off the court. Furthermore, he managed to raise significant contributions through his organization “The Tim Duncan Charity” which supports healthier habits with children.

Zereshk, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped

Clayton Kershaw

One of the highest-grossing baseball players in the world, Clayton Kershaw is doing everything in his power to help children in Africa, especially orphans, by building a care center with his wife. His charity, the “Kershaw Challenge” is doing amazing work with these kids, and there couldn’t be a better example for a role model than this athlete. 

Danica Patrick

Unlike all other sports, NASCAR doesn’t have a separate league where women can race, because they are welcome to join the Cup Series. However, there aren’t many female drivers who made it very far. Danica Patrick is the 6th woman that has joined the NASCAR races. She also won a pole position in the Sprint Cup Race. She is someone that young girls can look up to and see that if you love doing something you can achieve great things no matter what that might be.

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